Groupon Haircut Scam

Minty Lewis Final

For a good time, why don’t you click on over to Google’s Search Caption contest? I have one cartoon in there, and there are lots of others by comics superstars big and small, near and far (Damien Jay, Joey Alison Sayers, Calvin Wong, Lilli Carre and Jim Woodring, just to name a few). I can think of several worse ways to spend the next few minutes than entering funny captions.

In personal gripe news, Google would not allow me to enter the caption “Groupon haircut scam” for mine. They said they’re “trying to keep this appropriate for everyone.” I tried changing “groupon” to “coupon” but it was still a no-go. Then I changed “scam” to “scheme” and it was STILL not happening. So apparently Google thinks haircut is a bad word? I would seriously like to know what gives.

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  1. Ragnarok says:

    Google has some of the most stupid rules vs keywords but if you noticed people used like bi-tach and stuff which went through and that’s more inappropriate…

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