Comics for Buying

Salad Days 1Well, hel-lo. There's a new minicomic in the house and she's called Salad Days. Contained within these pages, you will find the prologue, chapter one, and chapter two of a story that is sure to keep you warm at night. Apple's finally fed up with Omnimedia and he's embarking on a new vocation as a volunteer with the Gorilla Coalition. While volunteering isn't exactly as rewarding as it's cracked up to be, there may just be a silver lining in the shape of a Persimmon. Don't let this gem slip through your oily little fingers!

$4.00, 36 pages, two-color screenprinted cover with black and white interior, 7" x 8.5". ($1.00 shipping)

PS ComicsThis is exactly what you need! P.S. Comics compiles most of the self-published library and includes new material as well. Here's what two respectable people had to say about the book:

Wonderfully whimsical, odd and dreamy. If you don't like talking fruit and talking animals, what are you, insane?
                             -Jack Handey

Minty’s comix are smart without hitting you over the head—they have this great offhand subtlety to them that I love—and they're laugh- out-loud funny. I always come away from them feeling like my perspective has been altered a bit, and that’s a good thing ain’t it?
                             -John Porcellino

And here are some rave reviews to convince you further: The Village Voice, The Stranger, Pop Candy/USA Today, Bookgasm, High-Low, Beyond Chron, The Factual Opinion, Optical Sloth

$11.00, 128 pages, cover color with black and white interior, 5.5" x 8". ($2.50 shipping)

Papercutter #10
Papercutter #10 is the latest installment in Tugboat Press's Ignatz-winning anthology dedicated to showcasing the best young, underexposed and emerging comic book artists. This issue includes a front cover and 15-page story from Damien Jay, inside covers by Nate Beaty, a two-page spread from Jesse Reklaw and a back cover and 15-page story by me (Minty Lewis, in case you forgot). It's really good! You should totally get it!

$4.00, 32 pages, cover color with black and white interior, 6" x 9". ($1.00 shipping)

I Saw You
I Saw You is Julia Wertz's very successful anthology of comics based on "missed connections" ads, published by Three Rivers Press. I contributed one page to this anthology.

$10.36, 192 pages, cover color with black and white interior, 8.2" x 5.4".

Heidi & Jane
Rising book artist and dear friend Emily Tipps made Heidi & Jane (an adaptation of "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde") as part of her studies in the graduate Book Arts Program at the University of Alabama. Despite the simplicity of the cover, it's actually a pretty complicated little book (click the image to see the technology of it). A really satisfying little package. Story by Emily Tipps, illustrations by Damien Jay, Minty Lewis, Emily Tipps and Adam Weinstein.

$50.00, letterpress printed on handmade paper, then hand-bound. You'll have to email Emily for more details or to make a purchase.

Black Warrior Review
From their website: "Established in 1974 by graduate students in the MFA Program in Creative Writing at the University of Alabama, Black Warrior Review publishes poetry, fiction, nonfiction,and art by Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award winners alongside up-and-coming writers." From me: This issue (the "Contributor Love" issue) includes "Just This Side of Heaven" as well as lots of work by lots of fantastic artists and writers.

(I don't think you can buy back issues, but it's never too late to order a subscription!)

Pet Noir
An anthology of true pet crime, Pet Noir includes "Gray Ghost (Part II) (sort of)," the story of Mosby, my family dog who was carjacked in Miami. Edited by Shannon O'Leary, with plenty of other discomfiting tales by plenty of other talented cartoonists.

$13.95, 144 pages, cover color with black and white interior, 9" x 7".

SPX 2003 Anthology
The 2003 issue of the now-defunct annual anthology associated with the Small Press Expo, it contains my first comic ever, "Fruit Pals." So long ago! Wipe a tear.

$2.38 if you buy it used on Amazon! That's a steal! 290 pages, cover color with black and white interior.

Most of the original minicomics are now sold out, but any that are left are available through Secret Acres.